The Story so far....

Born in Glasgow, Stuart Stevenson grew up in Ayr in South West Scotland, where he now lives.  He was drawn towards creating music from a young age, inspired by his Dad who sang in gospel groups and released records.  Starting piano lessons aged 8 and moving onto guitar as a teenager, he started recording music, gigging and making cassette albums with school band Mossbunker. 

Stu's songwriting and performing developed during his time at Strathclyde University, establishing himself in the Glasgow indie music scene as with the bands Picnic and Frankograph.  He became Sbob in 2003 as the front man, singer & guitarist of the 3 piece power-poptastic Bob Cuba, once described on Radio 1 as 'The best thing to come from Glasgow since Primal Scream'.  Bob Cuba released the EPs 'Bounce' and 'Million Eyes' as well as the eponymous album 'Bob Cuba' in 2007 on Fusion Records, which received critical acclaim in music press and received the 'Album of the Week' award from The Sun.  Releases were backed by a relentless UK touring schedule, radio sessions and press interviews.  During this time, Bob Cuba had songs featured in a Nickelodeon cartoon 'Girlstuff Boystuff'.

Sbob started composing music for theatre in 2013 through a meeting of minds with Glasgow director Lawrence Crawford and has worked as songwriter and musical director on 'A New Year's Tale', 'Frankie Goes to Easterhouse', 'The Ruggie Troll', 'A Miracle on Ruggie Main Street' and the Billy Connolly bioplay  'From Humble Beginnings to Humblebum'. 

Current work includes writing songs for a new album to be released in 2019, playing acoustic solo shows and looking for a new bass player for Bob Cuba.  Sbob is also pitching new music for films following the success of the music for the short film 'The Kids Aren't Alright' and hoping to travel to LA in Autumn 2019 to meet some industry types and enroll in a crash course in breaking the business!  There is also a music based kids TV show in development called 'The Bumbles' and meetings taking place for a future musical based on the Prodigal Son.

Please get in touch to discuss any film, TV or theatre projects that you think would benefit from the Sbob stamp!  Check out the music page and contact via email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.